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We don't pretend to have all the answers. What we do have are goals to strive for and a global community of businesses committed to doing the right thing for people and the planet.

This is Goba.


As we take care of our social responsibility, we carefully choose our collaborators.
We make sure that the wine in our portfolio
is produced according to high standards, with care for nature taken into consideration and responsibility in the production, workforce, and overall work. 

Our vision is to create a global community, where there is respect for people and our planet. 

Natalia Bak | Co-Founder of GOBA Wine


Across GOBA, we’ve strengthened our long-standing commitment to making our company more inclusive and just. Where every great idea can be heard 
and everybody belongs.


Goba Celebrates
Earth Day 2021

Today, in celebration of Earth Day 2021, Goba is sharing new ways for customers around the world to learn about climate change and other environmental issues, with a focus on environmental justice. With new educational resources, curated content, and engaging activities, Goba customers can appreciate the beauty of the planet, learn about key issues, and support worthy causes.

Goba thinks about the future

We try to keep our paper consumption down. The same goes for our website. It runs on the latest equipment to reduce CO2 emissions.


Climate Changes

We want to be CO2 neutral

90% of Goba must be Co2 Neutral.
In 2025, we want the entire organization to be 100% environmentally friendly.

Misty Forest


We avoid paper

We want to contribute to modern society. Therefore, we try to minimize the use of paper, to avoid waste and the destruction of forests around the world.

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