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The story
Ribera del Duero

“It takes just as long to produce a bottle of wine today as it did in 1972. And that’s just fine with Goba, because what matters most is timelessness.”

Billede af Jodie Morgan

Ribera del Duero is one of the most important wine regions in Spain, located in Castilla y Leon, with the winemaking tradition dating back to the 13th century. Mountain ranges are sprawling besides numerous vineyards with the Duero river running through the middle. The location, climate, and passionate people create a perfect place to produce high-quality wine. In 1982 the efforts of the winemakers and the taste of their product were appreciated and Ribera del Duero was placed under the denomination of origin (D.O.). 

Nowadays, Ribera wines are known as one of the best red wines in Spain.

Wine Ageing

In Ribera, the wines are categorized by the time they spend inside the oak barrels. This parameter offers us different categories:

Tinto Joven
A wine that hasn't spent any time in the oak barrel, very fruity and light by definition.

Tinto Roble
 The wines that spend from 3 to 6 months inside the barrels, also fruity but with the characteristic wood aromas and nuances.

Tinto Crianza
The ones that have been ageing for at least 24 months, and
at between 6 and 12 of those, it has been inside the barrel.
The rest of the ageing is done in the bottles.

Tinto Reserva
Those that rest at least for 36 months, 12 of these months inside the oak barrel and the rest in the bottle. 

Tinto Gran Reserva
This type of wine has to be aged for at least 60 months, 24 of those inside the oak barrel. This is the most prestigious category of wine ageing.


Tempranillo Grape

Tempranillo grapes are the most important black grape variety in Spain. It is commonly known as Tinto Fino and comes from the Spanish word Temprano, which means ‘early’ as the grapes ripen earlier than most Spanish red grapes. It is an outcome of an adaptation to the elevated northern slopes. 


The altitude, temperature difference between day and night, and Duero river have an influence on the Tempranillo wine taste nuances and some of the characteristic aromas, such as red fruit or ripe wild berries and acidity. The wines are either medium up to full-bodied with a deep elegance and intense colour, perfect for wine passion looking for something different.

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