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NOVEMBER 10, 2021 

The Best Business 2021

by IBA International Business Academy

Like good stories, Goba Wines was born between friends and Ribera wine, the best breeding ground for a noble idea that will revolutionize wine exports.

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Our founders Natalia & Saúl


Goba Wines is more than a wine agency. Goba Wines is a brilliant project that aims to change the way of understanding the relationships between winemakers and clients and will make the great Ribera del Duero wine known.


They will give voice to Ribera del Duero with a project where not only wine workers are taken into account but also the environment since in 2025, the entire organization will be 100% environmentally friendly.


Therefore, it is not surprising that Natalia Bak and Saúl Gozález, the authors
of this fabulous project, have been awarded the IBA Entrepreneurship Award for the best business idea of 2021 granted by the IBA International Business Academy.

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