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GOBA WINES websites and online services may use "cookies". Cookies make
it possible to use virtual shopping baskets and personalize the user experience on our websites. Cookies tell us which parts of our websites users visit, help us measure the effectiveness of advertising and internet searches, and give us insight into user behaviour so that we can improve our communication materials and products.


As cookies are used everywhere on our websites, you may not be able to use certain parts of our websites if you turn them off.


The cookies used on our websites are categorized based on the guidelines in the ICC UK Cookie Guide. We use the following categories on our websites and other online services:


Category 1 - Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are important for the ability to browse our websites and use their functions. Without these cookies, services such as shopping carts and e-invoicing cannot be used.


Category 2 - cookies that improve performance

These cookies collect information about how you use our websites - e.g. which pages you visit the most. This data can help us optimize our websites and make them easier to navigate. These cookies are also used to tell our partners whether you came to one of our websites from a partner's website and whether the visit resulted in the use or purchase
of a product or service from us, including information about the product or service you bought. These cookies do not collect any information that can identify you. All the information that these cookies collect is collected and is therefore anonymous.


Category 3 cookies that improve functionality

These cookies enable our websites to "remember" the choices you make while browsing. We can e.g. store information about your geographical location in a cookie to ensure that the website is adapted to your area. We can also make sure that settings for text size, font, and other website elements that can be customized are remembered. They can also be used to keep track of which selected products or videos are displayed, to avoid duplication. The information that these cookies collect does not personally identify you and they can not track your browsing activity on websites other than Goba Wines.

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