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Billede af christian  ferrer

By Helene Jonnson

MAY 17TH 2021 

Travel - A Weekend in Barcelona

I’ve been to Barcelona a few times, but to be completely honest, I just didn’t get it the first time around. Maybe I was already utterly exhausted from days traveling prior, but on my second trip I finally found the magic — and I wanted to stay even longer. I’m not sure how I missed all the art, the architecture, the charm, and modernist landmarks on that initial trip. But boy am I glad I gave Barcelona another shot – I’d go back in a heartbeat. And yes, if you’re wondering what to do in Barcelona for 3 days, I got you my friend!

Billede af Nikolay Dimitrov

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Billede af christian  ferrer

By Helene Jonnson

MAY 7TH 2021 

Portrait - A chat with the Cofounder of Goba

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Billede af christian  ferrer

By Helene Jonnson

MAY 1ST 2021 

Goba - A
talk about
the brand

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The desire to create a sustainable brand to radicalize an old industry. Goba's brand was born from the co-founders' names in a combination that means González and Bak for short. Why then, is the right name, the right color palettes, and a sharp logo so important? 

Mood board 1.png
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